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     Jiangsu Jiuhui Food Products Co., Ltd is specialized in salted hog casings' production and sales, which is the leading agricultural enterprise of Nantong city, with ISO 22000 and HACCP system certificated.

     Jiangsu Jiuhui Food Products Co., Ltd. mainly produces hog casings, which is main material of sausages.

   Founded in 2009, in Rugao, Jiangsu, China.
   Our company covers a total area of 13000 square meters, producing goods according to FDA requirements. And the quality control obey ISO2002 and HACCP system。

     Main products: 

     salted natural casings-salted hog casings
     Salted sheep casings
     dry casings
     collagen casings
     plastic casings      
     Caliber: 28/30 mm, 30/32 mm, 32/34 mm, 34/36 mm, 36/38 mm, 38/40 mm, 40/42 mm, 42/44mm ,44/46mm,40/45mm,42/45mm,42/47mm       
     Specification: 2/16/88  3/13/88  5/10/88  6/10/88  8/10/88 10/10/88 12/9/88      
     Quality:AB grade, A grade, AA grade
     Dried casings--- dried hog casings      
     dried sheep casings

     Length:2.3-2.5 meters/piece
     Crude heparin sodium----80,85,95,100,105,110 per unit